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Looking for a place to stay ?

Finding accommodation and spending a night in Malacca is a simple matter of choice and budget.

Take your pick from the hotels and resorts in Malacca

They are hundreds of hotels, resorts and budget hostel located within short distance from the centre of the town. These hospitable resting and leisure establishment easily accommodate over a few million international visitors a year. Malacca has a wide range of city hotels, resorts and budget accommodation to suit every visitor, even those on a shoe-string budget. A number of major hotels and resorts have international class swimming pools, sports facilities, discotheques, bars and restaurants. One can choose to stay in the hotels in the city or resorts near the beach. For budget travelers, there are many options for a quite night's rest, though smaller and has fewer amenities, they usually have restaurants, western style furniture with individuals baths.

For those fancy staying in the city, a few international chain hotels are strategically located in the heart of busy Malacca town. For a nice and quiet night's rest near the beach or island, away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights, one can find luxurious and comfortable resorts along the beaches of Tanjung Kling, Pulau Besar and Tanjung Bidara.

Budget hotels are also all over the busy town district for those who wish to stretch their Ringgit further and extend their holiday. Tired of staying in hotels or resorts, there are always the homestead houses and the generous Malay folks who would offer visitors a chance to live in the beautiful wooden crafted houses for a small fees.

Whenever you are in Malacca, you will have very little difficulty in finding accommodation. It's just a matter of choice and budget.

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