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Over 300 years old antique for sale .....

Malacca is truly an antique shopper's paradise. Many artifacts and authentic antique items are available at more than 15 antique shops lining the busy streets of Jonker Street, affectionately known as the "street of antiques" and is well known among the international antique collectors. The street is named Jalan Hang Jebat today. Along the streets, one can find houses built in the 17th century, still standing strong and housing generations of Malaccans.

Jonker street - street of antiques
The narrow Jonker streets in the 50's.
The streets are very narrow and most are converted into one-way streets. Most of the houses are very spacious, has an air-well and occupies up to 50 metres in length. It's along these streets one will find the unmistakable historical charm that is uniquely Malacca. Apart from antique shops, one can also find a few art galleries and some antique furniture shops that cater to international visitors.

One of Malaccan's favourite past time

Opposite the padang Pahlawan, within a short walking distance from the Dutch square is the largest shopping mall in Malacca - The Mahkota Parade. Its modern facilites and well-managed shop fronts (over 150 of them) offer visitors the comfort and luxury of shopping for just about everything under the sun "under one roof". mahkota parade - largest shopping mall in malacca

If one is tired of shopping or hungry, there are over 30 stalls in the food courts, numerous fast food chains, restaurants and even ice cream parlours to satisfy the youngest and toughest of shoppers. For entertainment, there's also a cineplex for viewing the latest movies, family video games arcade,. spa and a 30 lane spanking new bowling complex. Visit location map.

For visitors in the Air Keroh region, another huge shopping complex beckons visitation. The Jaya Jusco shopping complex has recently being renovated and has housed over 40 shops in its premise to cater for everyone's shopping appetite. Located at just 7 minutes drive away from the Malacca Zoo, it's the ideal place to cool down for a drink or a quick cuppa. Visit location map.

There are many other shopping spots and complexes around Malacca that offers a bit of local flavour and foreign cliche. A bit of everything for everyone.



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