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Malacca is well-known for its baba & nyonya style spicy cooking which normally gets served with rich coconut milk. There are numerous specialist baba & nyonya restaurants in town and the suburb area where they serve the mouth watering food, not only known to be the best in Malacca, but in the South East Asia region too.

Enjoy the local food and skip the pizzas

The baba-nyonya food is not the only delicacies around, there's the "satay celup" (Satay stick with raw meat/Vegas dipped in hot boiling satay sauce for cooking), "ikan bakar" which literally means barbecue fish served in grilled aluminium foil or banana leaf heavily marinated with spices that tingle the senses. Not forgetting the odd looking chicken ball rice (a rice pudding shaped like a golf ball) which you dip with chilly to consume its wholesome goodness. Also there's another local favourite - the oyster omelette served in stir fried egg, spring onions and sweet or spicy paste.

For the more adventurous and able to withstand spicy food, there's the portuguese village with a few specialty "tongue burning" dishes, the dishes that will get your stomach growling whole night after a heavy meal.

There's also a restaurant behind some obscure back lane which serves the soft-shell crab, yes !!!! ... a crab dish that you can eat the flesh together with the shell intact. This place has limited seating and one needs to book 3 days in advance to reserve a place.


After a delicious meal, there isn't another more refreshing drink to quench your thirst. The "Cin-Cau", a kind of dark grass jelly drink which has a cooling effect is popularly served at restaurants. For that icy-cool feeling, indulge in the "ice kacang" , a refreshment made of shaved ice with red beans, nuts, jelly etc.

Also not forgetting the "cendol", a kind a pandan flavoured jelly served in coconut milk. Someone even improvise on the "cendol" and invented the "durian" flavoured cendol. This is extremely popular with the local tourist but the aroma maybe a bit too pungent for overseas visitors.

There are many variation for cendol desserts offered, one of the best was the shaved ice red bean paste cendol in rich coconut milk. It's served in a small stall with barely 5 tables and every weekend afternoon, folks are literally queuing up to get a seat at the stall. The cost? Only a mere RM 1.

Another local favourite is the "Bubur Cha Cha, a sweet dessert made from steamed sweet potatoes, yam, white beans, tapioca jelly in coconut milk.

In the next part, we will bring you to an unforgettable taste bud adventure, we will pinpoint the shops where you can get these desserts for a song. So stay tuned and come back to visit again.

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In the coming months, watch out for these exciting cuisine searching adventure around Malacca where we bring you the best food and desserts in town. Every month we will introduce to you some local dishes and delicacies, the price and the place to get them.

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