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Melaka Net is wholly owned by Intelligent Net Services, an internet service company dedicated in helping the local community in presenting Malacca related information to the world and to bring the world to Malacca. Intelligent Net Services provide many services, ranging from business, local news, community services, travel and many other information related content through its Melaka Net Website.

For web access reaching millions of users around the world, several servers were installed in Malaysia to facilitate fast local access and real-time administration needs. Our hostmaster primary Web and DNS Server is co-located within Malaysia Online's state of the art Network Operation Centre (NOC). We have dedicated high speed network connectivity to Jaring's KLC backbone and TMnet's Kelana Jaya backbone. (that explains why your access via a Jaring or TMnet account to our web site is faster than most)

We have a professional development team to manage our Internet based content services. We also work closely with our partners and sponsors to enhance their profile by delivering content that attract more visitors to their web site. You can be rest assured of quality and professional work everytime.

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